Why You Should Have an Outdoor Fireplace Installed

Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces add both aesthetic appeal and practical value to any space. From wood and gas fire pits to fire tables and fireplaces, there is a range of outdoor fireplace options with varying benefits such as heat output, efficiency, and cost. Carnahan Landscaping & Pools lists five primary reasons why you should install an outdoor fireplace in Houston.

1.It offers a Focal Point

Outdoor fireplaces are highly effective in bringing together an outdoor living area or patio. Just as a fireplace is often the main attraction inside a home, an outdoor fireplace serves the same purpose by creating a central gathering spot. It can also assist in defining the outdoor space by providing a framework for items such as tables and furniture.

2. Use Your Outdoor Space During the Cold Months

An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition for those who want to extend their time outside. With the cozy ambiance and warmth it provides, you can enjoy your outdoor space earlier in the spring and later in the fall. By installing an outdoor fireplace, you gain more days of usable outdoor time, even during the peak of summer. Plus, it allows you to continue using your patio into the evening while basking in the beautiful orange glow and benefiting from its ample light. Stay warm and enjoy your outdoor living space all night long!

3. Great Aesthetic

Adding an outdoor fireplace, such as ours at Carnahan Landscaping & Pools in Houston, creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, perfect for relaxing and connecting with others. The unique ambiance provided by a real fire is unparalleled, making it a highly sought-after outdoor living feature, second only to a pool according to realtors.

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Why You Should Have an Outdoor Fireplace Installed 3

4. Does Not Require Venting

An advantage of outdoor fireplaces over indoor ones is their lack of need for ventilation. This characteristic allows for greater flexibility in their placement and reduces construction costs. However, it is crucial to ensure proper ventilation to disperse fumes from the fireplace. Always take care when installing an outdoor fireplace, as proper airflow is essential to ensure safe and enjoyable use.

5. Adds Curb Appeal

Adding an outdoor fireplace is a highly desirable feature, making it a valuable investment for your outdoor living space. Fireplaces in general offer the highest return on investment for home renovations, and this holds true for outdoor fireplaces as well. An organization for real estate reports that adding another fireplace to a home, whether indoors or outdoors, can increase the asking price significantly. With its ability to create a cozy ambiance and extend the use of your outdoor living area, an outdoor fireplace is a sound investment that not only adds value and curbs appeal to your home but also enhances your lifestyle.

Want To Install an Outdoor Fireplace In Houston?

Our staff at Carnahan Landscaping & Pools provide professional service from start to finish. If you want to install an outdoor fireplace in your Houston home, reach out today for a quote!