5 Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Houston

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If you’ve decided to install an outdoor kitchen in Houston, it’s a great investment to make. Not only will it increase your usable square footage but also provide a boost to your home’s value. However, if you’re having trouble choosing what size or style, our Houston outdoor kitchen installation experts are here to help.

Here are five ideas for your outdoor kitchen in Houston from Carnahan Landscaping & Pools!

1. Install a Kitchen Based on Your Favorite Cooking Method

Are you an oven fan? Perhaps you can’t get enough sweet and smoky barbecue ribs. Either way, using your favorite cooking methods as inspiration for your outdoor kitchen is key. You can install everything from brick pizza ovens to smokers, and much more. Anything that suits your lifestyle.

2. Keep Weather & Location in Mind

When designing and installing an outdoor kitchen in Houston, it’s important to keep the climate in mind. This will likely affect the materials you use, in addition to the ideal location for your outdoor kitchen. Milder climates often call for more open-air kitchens. However, with the Houston heat, if you want to use your outdoor kitchen year-round, you’ll likely need to think of ways to keep it cool during the summer.

3. Choose Durable Building Materials

When designing and installing an outdoor kitchen, it will need to stand up to everything the elements are prepared to throw at it. This is why choosing the most durable materials available is essential. Weatherproof pieces of furniture, as well as stainless steel fixtures, are often a great choice for most outdoor kitchens if you want them built to last.

4. Accessorize

Your outdoor kitchen can act as your backyard oasis, so accessorize and create exactly what you want. You can add atmosphere and show off your personality by installing unique fixtures, artwork, or anything else you think will add a bit of flair to your outdoor kitchen. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and always try to maintain an equal balance with your overall design.

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5 Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Houston 3

5. Add a Bar

If you like entertaining guests, but don’t always want to be cooped up in the kitchen or living room, an outdoor bar and small kitchen can be the ideal place to spend an evening. Keeping a small mini-fridge outdoors to store wine, beer, and cocktail mixes is also a great idea.

Let’s talk about installing your outdoor kitchen in Houston today!

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