Drought-Tolerant Landscaping: 10 Key Tips



It’s no secret that at times, Houston sees little rainfall, which is why the best landscapers in Houston have some tricks of the trade to help keep your property in good condition even during a drought. As one of Houston’s leading landscaping and pool contractors, Carnahan Landscaping & Pools wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned over the years with you here.


Below you’ll find some important and inventive tips for landscaping during the dry season.


  1. Cover Your Soil


One good way to protect your landscape during a drought is by covering your soil and important areas of your garden to help it retain moisture. Doing so increases its drought tolerance and ensures that when you water, all of that moisture doesn’t evaporate too quickly. You can add mulch or other ground covers such as wood chips, etc.


  1. Reduce Greenspace


Although all of that grass looks gorgeous when it’s healthy and thriving, it can quickly become a nuisance to maintain in areas that experience less rainfall. That’s why reducing your landscape and replacing square footage with hardscaping features might be ideal for your property. You can create a rock garden or plant hardier items, such as wildflowers that thrive in drier environments to give your yard a great look and reduce maintenance and watering needs.


  1. Employ Drip Irrigation


In areas prone to drought, a little water goes a long way. That’s why many choose to install drip irrigation if they want to garden year-round. This type of irrigation, unlike a sprinkler system, is designed to target water directly to the roots of plants. It can increase the watering efficiency in your yard. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to drip irrigation such as drip tape, poly tubing, and soaker hoses.


  1. Group Plants that Require Similar Maintenance Together


Another way to capitalize on water usage during a drought and also make lawn and landscaping maintenance much easier is to install softscape and garden features, such as plants, shrubs, etc., that have the same watering/maintenance requirements together. Not only does it make it easier to maintain a steady watering schedule but it also can help prevent evaporation.


  1. Plant Succulents


Planting succulents can be a wonderful way to keep your landscape thriving during a drought and even provide some beautiful colors and flowers as well. There are many varieties and in addition to being great at storing water, some also make the good ground cover. For example, stonecrop is a hardy succulent with different types of varieties that thrive all over the country.


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  1. Native Landscaping


One great way to maintain a thriving landscape, in addition to being more eco-friendly, is by planting shrubs, trees, and flowers that are native to your local landscape. This is because these plants have adapted to your location over hundreds of years and are genetically pre-disposed to deal with drought scenarios.


  1. Capitalize on Rainfall by Installing a Rain Barrel


To cut your water bill down during the dry season and also keep your landscape looking great isn’t always easy, but installing a rain barrel can be a big help. There are a variety of rain barrels out there designed to work with your home’s gutter system to collect and store rainwater. You can then use it as a reserve for drier times. Many rain barrels are also designed to hook up easily to a hose, making them eco-friendly as well as efficient.


  1. Install a Patio, Gazebo, or Another Outdoor Living Space


Piggybacking off of point two, installing an outdoor living space like a custom patio or gazebo can be a great way to minimize the size of your lawn while also keeping your property’s usable square footage intact. A deck is also a great idea if you don’t have one and they can be perfect for container gardens, which are easier to maintain and often require less watering.


  1. Plant on Your Parking Strip


If you have a sidewalk in front of your home, you likely also have a parking strip that sits between the curb and sidewalk. By planting drought-resistant plants here you can increase tolerance to dry seasons and minimize erosion on your property. However, it’s important to ensure that your local laws and ordinances allow you to do so.


  1. Porous Hardscaping


Another way to make certain your landscape is getting all the water possible when it rains is by having hardscaping features that are porous. This enables as much rainwater as possible to drain into your soil. It will also help prevent flooding in flood-prone areas. There are a variety of hardscaping materials that are porous and look great such as interlocking concrete pavers, permeable cement, and asphalt.


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5 Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Houston


If you’ve decided to install an outdoor kitchen in Houston, it’s a great investment to make. Not only will it increase your usable square footage but also provide a boost to your home’s value. However, if you’re having trouble choosing what size or style, our Houston outdoor kitchen installation experts are here to help.


Here are five ideas for your outdoor kitchen in Houston from Carnahan Landscaping & Pools!


  1. Install a Kitchen Based on Your Favorite Cooking Method


Are you an oven fan? Perhaps you can’t get enough sweet and smoky barbecue ribs. Either way, using your favorite cooking methods as inspiration for your outdoor kitchen is key. You can install everything from brick pizza ovens to smokers, and much more. Anything that suits your lifestyle.


  1. Keep Weather & Location in Mind


When designing and installing an outdoor kitchen in Houston, it’s important to keep the climate in mind. This will likely affect the materials you use, in addition to the ideal location for your outdoor kitchen. Milder climates often call for more open-air kitchens. However, with the Houston heat, if you want to use your outdoor kitchen year-round, you’ll likely need to think of ways to keep it cool during the summer.


  1. Choose Durable Building Materials


When designing and installing an outdoor kitchen, it will need to stand up to everything the elements are prepared to throw at it. This is why choosing the most durable materials available is essential. Weatherproof pieces of furniture, as well as stainless steel fixtures, are often a great choice for most outdoor kitchens if you want them built to last.


  1. Accessorize


Your outdoor kitchen can act as your backyard oasis, so accessorize and create exactly what you want. You can add atmosphere and show off your personality by installing unique fixtures, artwork, or anything else you think will add a bit of flair to your outdoor kitchen. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and always try to maintain an equal balance with your overall design.


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  1. Add a Bar


If you like entertaining guests, but don’t always want to be cooped up in the kitchen or living room, an outdoor bar and small kitchen can be the ideal place to spend an evening. Keeping a small mini-fridge outdoors to store wine, beer, and cocktail mixes is also a great idea.


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4 Cost-Effective Pool-Building Tips


When it comes to building a pool, remaining within your budget range is important. However, this isn’t always easy, especially if you want to design something that’s unique and meets your exact requirements. That’s why our pool builders in Houston want to offer some insight based on our years in the industry.


Here are four cost-effective pool-building tips from Carnahan Landscaping & Pools!

  1. Implement the Proper Safety Measures


The first way you can save money and avoid any fines and fees is to implement the proper safety measures required by your area’s local laws and ordinances. Often, a fence or barrier will be required by law to be installed around the pool’s border. Those with children may also want to take more stringent safety measures.


  1. Review Your Zoning Laws


Zoning laws and permits play a huge role in the construction of a pool since not following them properly can result in costly fines and even work stoppage. That’s why hiring an expert and having a clear understanding of what is and is not allowed is key. There may be restrictions to the size of the pool you can have or where you’re allowed to place it, so make certain you’re aware of these things before beginning.


  1. Choose a More Economical Pool Style


There is a wide range of pool types out there these days, giving those on a budget more affordable options. First, you can choose between an above-ground or in-ground pool. The former is much less costly to install and maintain but might not last as long. Additionally, those that want spas in addition to a pool can choose between portable pools that are economical or in-ground pools. In addition to style, the materials your pool is built with can also affect pricing, so be sure to choose the option that best suits your budget.



  1. Pools Increase Your Resale Value


It’s important to keep in mind that pools are one of the best ways to boost your home’s resale value. Should you choose to sell your home down the road, you can easily recoup your investment.


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