Small Pools or Spools: The Ultimate Guide

With the recent difficult economy and premium real-time estate price hike, a lot of backyards do not have much space. But that does not mean you cannot beautify your home with something amazing.

If you have limited space but still wish to have a beautiful and amazing outdoor space and exterior, a small swimming pool might be a great idea.

With various small pool ideas, missing out on the joy of owning a spool is not an option.

All you need is getting a better knowledge of small pools, smart planning, and getting a space where the pool can fit in.

This article is ready to take you through all the necessary information needed.

Small custom swimming pool with limited space

What are Spool Pools or Cocktail Pools or Small Swimming Pools?

A cocktail pool or a spool is a small swimming pool design which is created as a solution for people having a small or limited space and cannot afford big pool.

With it, you are assured of a relaxing swimming pool that can fit into a limited space. The combination of a spa and a pool forms a spool.

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Basically, spools are a smaller version of pool or spas that are oversized. A spool size could be 12 feet by 14 feet.

Even though they are found in places with limited space, they are flexible and perfect for all activities and seasons.

Due to the smaller size of cocktail pool, maintaining it might be easier and no doubt, a spool might be the option for someone with a very limited space. Additionally, powerful jets that create a circular current against which you can swim come with a spool.

What are the Benefits of Having a Spool Pool?

Having a spool has lots of advantages attached to it. Some of these are:

It helps in saving space

Small pools can be easily fitted into your plans, whether you don’t want to use up large space for a pool or your backyard is small, and a large pool can’t fit in. Having a spool will ensure that you have spaces for other things in your backyard.

Easy to maintain

Since it occupies a small space, you would not have to undergo the stress of cleaning the surface. It also saves time because you won’t have to spend much time Cleaning it up.

Its installation is simple

You can fix a spool into various places without experiencing any complications. Additional fencing might not be required, and you might not face any problem during excavation like larger pools.

It has different uses

You can keep the spool warm for hot water therapy, and you can also keep it cool for swimming. It suits all purposes.

Gives all year round usage

No matter the season or weather condition, you can use a spool and enjoy yourself.

It might be cost effective

Compared to larger pools, you don’t have to spend much to get a spool installed. Even if you have a tight budget, you can still have one right in your backyard and enjoy your life.

Additionally, spools are good for exercises and relaxation

What are the drawbacks of Spool?

No doubt, whatever has a good side will have its bad side. A spool might have a lot of benefits; it also has its limitations too. Some of the limitations are:

Spools may not be safe

This is basically for people who love to use a lot of equipment and toys in pools.

There is a limit to the number of people that can use it at the same time

If you are planning a pool party or have a larger family, it might not be the best option for you. It is a small pool and can’t accommodate a large number of people.

Additionally, they offer shorter lapses. If you are someone who loves swimming laps and entertaining family and friends, it might not be the perfect swimming pool for you.

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Small Backyard Pool

How Much Does a Spool Pool Cost?

Even though spool pools might be cost effective and saves spaces, they might not necessarily save a lot of money. Primary, they have lots of expensive features built in them. The cost of installation and maintenance depends on the specific specifications. Another big factor that determines the total cost of owning a small pool is how you use the pool.

How much does a spool pool cost does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. The price depends on the material it is built with and the features it offers.

There are some basic things you should know about spool pool cost.

  • The cost is comparable with an inground pool of the same size
  • Standard spa is less costly compared to a spool
  • Not pricey as a full size inground pool with spa
  • If it is not heated every time, it costs less to maintain and vice-visa

Contacting the pool builders near you might be the only way to get a clear price for spool pools. You can also talk to people who have it in their home.

Can I Build My Own Spool?

At certain times homeowners think of the possibility of being an owner and builder of their own swimming pool. This is due to the cost, trust, and time. To build your own spool yourself, here are some factors you need to consider.

The cost of building a spool

Some people think embarking on a swimming pool project themselves will help reduce the cost of completing the project. Eventually, after putting together the cost of the desired features and materials, it will just cost almost the same as hiring a contractor.

Construction duration

You cannot compare the time an experienced contractor will use in constructing a pool to the time you will use. Don’t forget you have some other things to do in your life. Work, family, and some other things will always stand in your way.

The risk

A lot of problems can come along with the construction of a spool. This can be with the work being done or people doing the work.

Also, you might be at risk purchasing the wrong materials. For good warranty and assurance of high quality, you might need a contractor with experience.

How to Maintain My Small Pool?

No doubt, having a spool right behind your backyard can be very amazing, but it requires some bits of maintenance. You can use the help of pool professionals or even do the maintenance yourself.

Here are some basic tips you should know:

  • Know the total alkalinity and pH level of your pool. You should test the water for its pH level two times a week. You can buy testing strips to get this done
  • Clean the debris in the water pump, vacuum, and skimmer
  • Use brush to clean up the steps, benches, and walls
  • Test the chlorine level two times a week and apply the right proportion if necessary
  • Drain and refill your spool. The structure of your pool should also be refilled. This should be done every 3-5 years
  • One of the common mistakes that should be avoided is the addition of excessive chemicals. Excessive chemicals can damage the walls of the spool easily. It is advisable always to apply the appropriate quantity of chemicals


In a nutshell, above is the necessary information you need on a spool. Just like every other luxury, it takes consideration and time before owning a spool.

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