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One of the most versatile and functional landscape features is a retaining wall. We have some great products available for building steps, curbs, and corners that are not only beautiful, but durable. Carnahan Landscaping can install a retaining wall that imparts a unique dimension and distinctive quality to your landscape design.

For a truly incredible feature to add to your landscape, consider hiring a retaining walls contractor from Carnahan Landscaping to install a retaining wall.

Retaining walls are rigid walls that hold back soil at different levels on two sides. Retaining walls don’t just hold back soil, they can be incorporated into your current walkway or patio area as an impressive landscaping feature.

We serve residents in Magnolia, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Cypress, TX, Katy, TX, and more.

We have many years of experience installing retaining walls

At Carnahan, we have retaining wall contractors with many years of experience installing retaining walls on all types of properties with multiple types of materials including natural stone, concrete, wood and others.

We will create the exact look that you want to match your current landscape, or work with you to come up with a completely new design with retaining walls, walkways, stairs, curbs, corners or any other features that you may want.

You simply tell us what you want and we will make the installation happen. Our costs are also reasonable and we are flexible with multiple financing options and budgets. We guarantee that your project will be completed in the shortest amount of time possible and that you will love the look of your new retaining walls.

Retaining walls need to be properly installed

To guarantee that your retaining wall will last for as long as possible and that it won’t cause flooding or other landscaping issues, it must be properly installed by professionals with appropriate drainage and with quality materials.

A poorly built retaining wall without proper drainage will result in it weakening over time and possibly eventually deteriorating or falling over. Not only is that an embarrassing problem, it will also be costly to fix, and your original installer may be unwilling to correct the issue.

Any professional installation company like Carnahan will absolutely guarantee that your retaining wall is properly constructed the first time around with the necessary drainage so that it doesn’t become an issue in the future.

Installing a retaining wall on your own is a very challenging project and not recommended because of the many potential problems that can arise which can be time consuming and expensive to fix, unless you are highly experienced.

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The retaining walls they built in my backyard is beautiful. These guys are professionals when it comes to backyard landscaping. My guests are amazed with how beautiful my backyard looks.

Christina Harley
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