The Benefits of A Pool With An Outdoor Kitchen

Having a small in-ground pool outside your home is luxurious, but having a small in-ground pool with an outdoor kitchen is icing on the cake! Imagine guests enjoying a swim while getting hungry for a full meal. After cooking for them from your outdoor kitchen, they can easily swim or relax afterward in your pool which is just by your outdoor kitchen, wouldn’t that be awesome?

The heat produced while cooking in an indoor kitchen can be unbearable, especially on a hot summer day. With your pool and outdoor kitchen on close together, your life is as smooth as a breeze. You wouldn’t have to rush from your indoor kitchen to your pool to cool off or keep your friends and guest satisfied since the pool is just beside your kitchen.

Most people love to have an outdoor kitchen and a big pool, which at times is unreasonable due to the maintenance and cost of owning a large pool. If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a pool and an outdoor kitchen, we would suggest you get a small in-ground pool. But if you are still wondering why you need a small in-ground pool and an outdoor kitchen, the benefits of these great home features shared below might change your mind.

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The benefit of a small in-ground pool

The price

You have to spend up to $30,000 to get a pool completely installed. You might even spend more depending on the size and type of the pool you want as well as specific features or things of luxury which we did not take into consideration. But with a small in-ground pool, you might only have to spend less than $30,000 to get your pool installed, isn’t that friendly to your pocket?

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Moreover, there are additional advantages you get from having a small in-ground pool as regards the price. For example, if you wish to install the pool yourself, you wouldn’t need to pay for workmanship, particularly when you make use of your toolkit and this will save you a huge sum of money. You can also decide your choice of material (Fiberglass, Vinyl, or Concrete) and surrounding landscape, to complement your kitchen or give your home a sophisticated look you have always wished for.

Maintaining a small in-ground pool is also cheaper since you have less water in the pool compared to a bigger pool. This means that you would only spend a little amount of money on either chemicals or heating. Plus you have less surface to clean.

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It saves space

Small in-ground pools save space, so you’ll have little or no problem with excavation neither would you need additional fencing nor face some other issues associated with having a pool. You can easily have a small in-ground pool, even in a small backyard without complications because its installation process is quite simplified.

Great for exercise

If you enjoy exercising, a small in-ground pool is great for workouts. The main benefit of this is that you can swim and exercise without straining your joints which could result in injury. You can also add some exercise equipment to help you achieve your fitness goal and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If the space is too small for your type of aquatic exercise, you can get water jets to help.

Good for relaxation

If you love lounging around your pool to swim or relax your body after a long day of work, a small in-ground pool works as well as the larger pool. You can divert the money you would use from a larger size and put the cash toward a pool patio or other backyard item.

Note: You can include any item of your choice in a small pool like any other large pool

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The benefits of an outdoor kitchen

Great for Entertaining Family and Friends

An outdoor kitchen is the best spot to entertain guests. Imagine having your food grilled out in the courtyard and your family or friends gathering around you to eat and have fun, wouldn’t it be great? This can be difficult to achieve with an indoor kitchen, doing it there will only leave your kitchen crowed unlike when the kitchen is outside with enough space to yourself and your guest as well.

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Less Money Toward Utility Bills

With a kitchen outside, you don’t need an air conditioning to keep you cool in the summer. But when your kitchen is indoor, and you are either frying, roasting, or boiling water, in this case, you would definitely need the air conditioner to keep yourself and your home cool. With the air conditioner out of the question and the inclusion of an outdoor pool, you save your energy consumption and spend less.

Your house is cleaner with less smell

Food can be delicious and have a pleasant and inviting smell. But, at times the scent might not be so inviting and might linger in your home for days on end. This is not an issue when you have an outdoor kitchen, the lingering aroma remains outside, and your home will retain its fresh smell.

Tastier meals

Do you know that grilling enhances the taste of your food? Yes, it does, and it helps your waistline too! This is because fats drop off your meats when you grill, giving you a healthier meal with fewer calories.

You spend less on meals from restaurants

When your cooking is conducted in your courtyard, there is little or no need to go to a restaurant. Moreover, you don’t have to drain your account to enjoy yourself and have a decent meal. So if you don’t feel like eating out, you have your outdoor kitchen where you can cook a tasty and healthy meal with less money to spend!


Now that you know the benefits of a small in-ground pool and an outdoor kitchen wouldn’t it be splendid to have both next to each other? You can always entertain your friends and family beside your pool while you grill some food to serve to them and at the same time interact with them! We are sure you will love such an enchanting experience.

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Swimming Pool with Outdoor Kitchen

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