30 Amazing Pool Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

As homeowners, we always look for ways to beautifully landscape around an inground pool in our backyard. A well-planned pool landscaping can really turn a basic swimming pool into an absolute paradise. Simply ask your pool builder to see if they have any suggestions for your pool landscape.

We also have collected several pictures to get you inspired. Here are 30 amazing ideas for your backyard pool:

1. Relaxation Central

backyard landscaping and pool

Credit: Eric Perry, Scripps Networks, LLC

Your pool is about relaxation. Why not take every opportunity to optimize that potential? Start by saying “goodbye” to clunky deck chairs or tacky floating mattresses and install permanent chairs in your pool, taking full advantage of splash and sun. Keep your new chairs close to a water feature to help increase calm.

2. Cottage Pool Landscaping

backyard pool with landscaping

Credit: EWM Realty International

Luxury pool or fine art? Don’t settle for one or the other. Design your pool to be a strong and dramatic addition to your backyard by stepping outside the norm. Using a dark stone, large water feature, and modern shape will instantly transform a traditional space into a talking piece.

3. Your Home Spa

Backyard landscaping with pool

Credit: Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

This is more than a backyard pool. This is a place to pamper yourself–a day at the spa without stepping foot from your home. White stone, blended gently with landscaping pebbles and pristine, simplistic greenery creates an aesthetic synonymous with a deep breath. Now where are the fluffy robes?

4. Playful & Fresh

pool landscaping ideas

Credit: Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

A pool is a gateway to a lifetime of family fun and memories. Save space to play and be goofy in and around your beautiful pool. Finish off your landscaping with soft grass and kid-friendly plants, along with smooth stone on your deck to protect little fingers and toes from scrapes and bruises.

5. One for the Woods

pool landscaping ideas

Credit: Jenkins Custom Home Designs

Your woodland get-away is the perfect spot for a pool, set in beautiful earth tones. Craft your deck from reclaimed barnwood or raw lumber to maintain that rustic look and feel while also cutting cost. Keep a freestanding or permanent fire-pit close by for cozy moments after your quick dip.

6. Classic but Contemporary

Backyard Pool Ideas

Credit: Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

Any “Leave It to Beaver” dream home is incomplete without a pool to match. Crisp white colors paired with red brick develops a simple-yet-stunning look reminiscent of the 20th Century’s golden days. Keep your color pallet and landscaping bold but simple to keep this classic look feeling fresh and contemporary.

7. European Flair

Pool landscaping ideas

Credit: Jacob Bodkin

Keep your European vacation right in your backyard with help from your pool. A brown or black stone pool should be guarded closely by bold walls. With the addition of lanterns or real torches as light features, the Bavarian Countryside will begin to feel like home. Don’t forget to add groomed shrubbery as an accent to this aesthetic!

8. Latin American Luxury

Backyard landscaping with pools

Credit: Spenser Bruce

Enjoy your siesta or fiesta poolside. Place your pool in a tropical setting of bold and strong architecture, accompanied by open and sheltered spaces reminiscent of a Costa Rican get-away. Add a splash of color on a wall or with your pool tiles to bring your latin design to life.

9. Inner Peace while Poolside

backyard pool lighting

Credit: Dilbeck Real Estate

Make your pool the perfect retreat for morning yoga or prayer. Wrap a simplistic pool design in bold greenery and add statements such as decorative rocks, statues, or chimes to keep the space focused and meditative. Allow your pool to help you enter a world of peace and tranquility with a luxury stone fireplace.

10. Built for Entertainment

Pool landscaping design

Credit: Tom DiPace

Your backyard pool should be entertainment central. Keep the pool large enough to accommodate all your friends and family in and around the water. Add lots of comfy seating options on your spacious deck to keep everyone together. Go the extra mile by installing an outdoor kitchen and stow-away TV for the ultimate party pad.

11. Something for Everyone

custom backyard pool

Credit: Shannon Faulk

A pool should be a versatile centerpiece to your backyard. Be sure to accommodate all the ways you’re sure to use the space by installing a large and spacious deck full of opportunity. Sheltered tables and seats for a classy party. Comfortable seating for morning zen and reading. Lounge chairs for afternoon sun. And tables for outdoor family dining. Be sure your pool can do it all.

12. Hawaiian Comfort

backyard pool design

Credit: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

Make sure your pool feels like an extension of your home. Extending the stone used on your patio or walkways to your pool’s deck can make the addition feel like an integral part of your home’s structure. Add an outdoor fireplace to keep those cozy feelings coming.

13. Light & Space

Luxury backyard pool

Credit: Willis Allen Real Estate

Keep your backyard from feeling cramped by installing a pool and patio that are full of warm and vibrant lighting. Lining the retaining walls or floor of your pool with low-voltage LED lights makes your pool look larger than life while allowing you to go for a spontaneous nighttime dip or keep the party going after dark.

14. Victorian Value

Custom pool with palm trees

Credit: Sotheby’s International Realty

How does one return to a time of refinement and majesty? Start with your backyard pool. Soft and natural stone, paired with delicate cream palettes, draping curtains, and bright greenery will transport you to a place of Versailles-style elegance. This timeless look can be achieved in any backyard.

15. Forever Seaside

Custom pool patio

Credit: John Bessler

Adding a pool to your backyard means you’re one step closer to paradise. When that pool and patio are built with pristine white stone or tile, the paradise has officially arrived. Accent your fresh and clean, beachy look with bright and modern furniture, keeping symmetry and balance in mind.

16. So-Cal Mansion

Pool landscaping

Credit: Windermere Southern CA

Living in a Southern California mansion means you must have a backyard with a heated pool and spa. Maintain the cottage aesthetic with a rough-cut stone pool setting and a hardwood patio. Add a touch of comfort and class with netted curtains around your sheltered patio to protect from pesky insects.

17. Green Privacy

Backyard pool with privacy

Credit: Harold Leidner

When you have a beautiful pool made to reflect blue and sunny skies, it begs for a bold and tropical splash of green. Consult with your pool builder and landscaper to choose trees that are easy to maintain and come in a variety of sizes. Add a patio large enough to provide additional shelter and comfort. Deciding on poolside landscaping design is important.

18. A Backyard Adventure

Custom pool lighting

Credit: Design Custom Home Concierge

Make time spent in your pool feel like a small adventure. With bridges, fountains, lazy rivers, and splash zones, swimming turns into non-stop fun for all ages. Complete your project with landscaping to match–playful paths, decorative rock, and a luxurious cabana. Every day is an adventure in your backyard.

19. Natural Landscape

Pool with a cozy fire pit

Credit: TriplePoint Design Build

If your backyard is set in a place of natural beauty, integrate your pool into that space. Use local rock, stone, wood, and plant life to make your landscaping project fit seamlessly with the space around it. Line the bottom of your pool with decorative pebbles or river rock to add to the natural look and feel of your pool and spa.

20. Eastern Royalty

Amazing pool with stone steps

Credit: Tommy Crow

Build a pool with strong angles and squared architecture to add a flavor of the east to your backyard. Add posh seating, made of natural materials to turn a beautiful pool into a space made for royalty. With limited yard space, add statement planters around your pool to bring life and character to your spa.

21. Accents!

Swimming Pool Accents

Credit: Thompson Photographic

Not every pool has to be a masterpiece. But with a few minor accents you can turn a traditional backyard into something truly spectacular. Pops of colored or mosaic tile add permanent and low-maintenance character to a backyard. Even one unique piece of outdoor furniture can turn up the volume on your bland backyard.

22. Warmth & Structure

Custom pool with structures

Credit: Failing Waters Landscape

A simple squared pool can become an amazing centerpiece when surrounded by perfect structure and elegance. From your deck chairs to stone pathways, even your fire pit and tables, can all become a cohesive, bold but warm aesthetic of beauty and structure. Choose plants and greenery that can be perfectly groomed to match your style. Make sure you have a well-constructed irrigation and drain system in your backyard to accommodate your poolside landscaping designs.

23. Any Time, Any Place

Small custom pool

Credit: Greg Wilson

Build a pool around your love of the sun. Make sure you can soak up the rays anytime and anyplace in or around your pool. Add groups of cushioned lounge chairs and umbrellas to your deck, providing you will plenty of opportunities to tan or for every guest to find comfort and style around your beautiful pool.

24. A Whole New Level

Small pool design

Credit: Greenwood King Properties

Use multiple levels, from your spa to your deep end, to create depth. Varying levels pleases every eye and extends your pool from a flat 2-dimensional space to a vibrant visual. Add water features between each level to keep the space cohesive while maintaining class and calm in your backyard.

25. Simple Luxury

Custom luxury pool

Credit: Hilton & Hyland

While you’re adding to the backyard, you can still maintain your love of simple and clean style. Use your pace efficiently by only building a pool in the size you need. Keep your accents basic but beautiful with squared edges, white stone, and wood. Use deck furniture that is functional yet versatile to keep clutter at bay.

26. Your Path to Paradise

Amazing custom pool

Credit: Jamie Rector

Who says the pathway has to be boring? Toss out your concrete sidewalks and basic stepping stones. Trade them in for a beautiful statement leading up to and around your pool. A pathway can be soft and whimsical, made of wood and moss. Or make it solid and structured with stone and manicured grass. No matter what you choose, let you style flow from home to poolside.

27. A Perfect Reflection

custom luxury pool

Credit: Paragon Pools

Think about your home. Is it built with peaks, arches, stones or brick? Is it modern, classic, or somewhere in-between? Build your pool and patio to match the style of your home’s construction. This ensures that your new pool will feel like a natural part of your home’s backyard.

28. Adorable Adobe

Luxury pool and spa

Credit: Jason Jorgenson

Give your pool a touch of Southwest style with just a few simple touches. Use red or brown stone on your patio, integrating tiles with stripes, triangles, and diamonds. Add patio furniture with bright and warm colors to add character and vibrancy to your space. Finalize your landscaping with sturdy succulents and cacti, surrounded by decorative stone or lava rock.

29. A Touch of Color

Unique pool landscaping

Credit: Ciro Coelho

If you can’t stand bland, know that a douse of color goes a long way. Line the bottom of your pool with a tile in your favorite hue and wait for it to sparkle in the sun. Or let your patio and plants speak for themselves. Choose colorful florals and bright cushions for additional comfort and style.

30. Balance is Key

Backyard pool with water features

Credit: Harold Leider Landscape Architect

Not only should a backyard pool match the structure and style of your home, it should also match the size. Don’t let a small but beautiful home feel overwhelmed by a massive pool. Or beware of your large home towering over a tiny pool. The two pieces should be perfectly balanced

So there you have it. The goal of every pool landscaping project is going to be different from one to another, but all homeowners want attractively unique, low-maintenance landscaping, that offers privacy around their pool.

Another thing to keep in mind is make sure the trees or plants you choose are not going to drop debris in the pool.

If you’re interested in discussing about how we can turn your pool into an absolute haven please contact us now.

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