35 Must-See Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Having an outdoor kitchen in your backyard has many benefits. Usually it’s a perfect place to gather and have a great time with family and friends. Along with eating healthy and great entertainment, a well-built outdoor kitchen can quickly become the centerpiece of your backyard.

Here are several outdoor kitchen designs and ideas to get you inspired.

1: A European Dish

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You’re outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be extravagant to make you feel like you’re on a luxury European vacation. This kitchen blends exposed brick and natural wood to develop a subtle bavarian style. Small details like potters and lanterns go a long way to pull the space together.

2: Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Katy, TX Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Ensure your space is fun for everyone. This great outdoor kitchen ideas include a wood-fired pizza oven, getting everyone outside and enjoying a delicious meal together. With a big beautiful hearth and patio furniture, prepare to cozy up for quality time with loved ones.

3: Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

Outdoor kitchen and pergola

Credit: D & S Furniture

Choose the right way to make your home stand out among the neighbors. This outdoor kitchen pergola does exactly that with the perfect balance of bold and beauty. The stone patio, matched with sturdy wood beams and iron deck chairs maintains a classic look in an unconventional space.

4: Under the Pergola

Furniture for outdoor kitchens

Credit: D & S Furniture

This outdoor kitchen plan is doing it right. The pergola is perfect for offering shade and structure to the space while also providing a spot for additional lighting. A step up to the kitchen keeps it out of the way of family fun and gives the cook space to make their magic happen.

5: Total Elegance

outdoor kitchen Magnolia, TX

Credit: Laurie Flower

The right color and textures are all you need to turn up the volume from tacky to a totally elegant outdoor kitchen design. This kitchen is built with hues of light gray, from the drywall to the countertops and floors. With the addition of some romantic, iron light fixtures and a few decorative candles, the space is complete.

6: Bold Structure

Outdoor Kitchen Tomball, TX

This kitchen is built with bold. The strong lines and sturdy materials make it stand out while keeping long-term maintenance needs low. The backsplash, tiled in a whimsical geometric pattern, keeps the space fun and friendly. Don’t forget the matching fireplace tucked away by the seating area!

7: Farmhouse Simplicity

Outdoor Kitchens The Woodlands, TX

Credit: Getty / Spaces Images

The farmland vistas are pulled inside with the use of this patio’s gorgeous sliding glass windows. The addition of reclaimed barnwood, blended with stone and solid colors keeps the look simple and modern, while still feeling like home.

8: A Blended Bounty

Outdoor Kitchens Magnolia, TX

This luxury outdoor kitchen plan blends everyone favorite elements and textures in one cohesive space. Wooden beams, iron furniture, marble, stone, and stainless steel. The bold colors are easily softened by the incorporated creams, grays, and white, making this a strong and beautiful kitchen.

9: A Conversation Piece

Small space outdoor kitchen

While this outdoor kitchen is beautifully built with gorgeous stone and stainless appliances, it’s clear the focus is on being together. The kitchen is simple, allowing the cook to enjoy time with guests while they prepare the meal. The patio table is set low to keep people focused on conversation instead of food.

10: Just for Us

Ideas for your outdoor kitchen

Credit: Texas Custom Patios

No need to go beyond your means. This outdoor kitchen is adorably built for two with brick and stone features. While the counter and overall space is small, the grill remains the centerpiece, able to accommodate a whole group of guests.

11: A Fresh Taste

Outdoor kitchen builders

Credit: Courtney Shearer

Has there ever been a cuter oven? This kitchen is a fresh take on the outdoor kitchen with an adobe oven and Big Green Egg grill. The bulk of the kitchen is built with beachy wood, helping it stand out from the crowd in style.

12: Be Our Guest

Outdoor Kitchen with Patio

This patio and outdoor kitchen plan are equipped to handle a party. A plasma screen, long countertops, and multiple seating options, all tucked into one spacious patio, keeps the crew together while allowing everyone to enjoy their own activity.

13: A Clean Cut

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This beautiful house has vibes that say “clean and fresh” with an outdoor kitchen to match. The smooth white, mixed with simple gray, and precise angles keeps the kitchen feeling free of clutter. The simple addition of a few palms and succulents, adds life and vibrancy to a simple look.

14: The Cozy Chef

Outdoor Kitchen Cypress, TX

This outdoor kitchen is downright cozy. The use of wood stained in warm earthtones keeps the space from feeling cold. Adding hanging as well as solar powered path lights ensures guests feel safe and warm well after dark. With just a few potted plants, everyone is right at home.

15: Backyard Grill

Outdoor Kitchen Magnolia, TX

Get more use out of your beautiful lakefront property. This outdoor kitchen is ready to cook up every catch, fresh from the lake, on a handsome grill or flat top stove. The tiled patio flooring, reminiscent of river rock, and incorporation of local plant life ensures this kitchen adds to the natural beauty of the space

16: A Picnic on the Beach

Outdoor Kitchen Spring, TX

Are you sure we’re not at the beach? The sand-colored tile says “Miami” while staying clean and cool on everyone’s feet. With a pure white pergola, guests can also enjoy the blue skies while playing it safe in the shade.

17: Modern Concepts

Amazing outdoor kitchen ideas

This outdoor kitchen idea is 100% modern. Using only three materials–wood, stone, and stainless–keeps the look simple and clean while maintaining function. Geometric lines, like the horizontal paneling and unique flooring add an artistic flare, pleasing to every eye.

18: Your Kitchen is your Castle

Outdoor Lightings Cypress, TX

Royalty can be reality. This outdoor kitchen is fit for a king with chunky brick, iron lanterns, and gorgeous yet simplistic wood furniture. The dual-grilling capability makes a modern-day feast an easy job and memorable event for every guest.

19: Cooking Cabana

backyard outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is a tropical vacation and chef’s paradise all on its own. With a plasma screen, beautiful countertops, and professional-grade appliances, the kitchen becomes the center of the party. When tucked between palms, hot tub, and set poolside, no chef could resist.

20: New England Entertainment

outdoor kitchen designs

The feel of the New England countryside is brought to life in this gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Set next to a picket fence and tucked in a natural setting, the kitchen is made to stand out with a classic look. Bold stone, dark countertops, with simple accessories bring the look together in a functional, yet spacious kitchen.

21: A Professional Space

outdoor kitchen ideas

This patio was built for someone who can handle themselves in the kitchen. With professional-grade appliances and plenty of space for storage and refrigeration, the chef will not be short of ability to wow the crowd. Guests who grab a seat around the beautiful countertops will be set to enjoy the perfect meal in this incredible outdoor kitchen.

22: Warmth in Color

 Custom outdoor kitchens

Warmth in color and light go a long way to make your outdoor kitchen a welcoming space. This kitchen plan is crafted with cozy, red stone and wrapped in perfect lighting. The light fixtures tucked beneath the bar top, ensure the cook can continue grilling long after dark.

23: Timeless

Small outdoor kitchens

To stay timeless a patio has to keep it simple. This outdoor kitchen has a basic but beautiful color scheme in white, grays, and natural stone colors. It reflects the elegant simplicity of the pool deck and yard, ensuring guests feel comfortable spreading out and taking it easy.

24: A Spot in the Shade

Pergola ideas for outdoor kitchens

This outdoor kitchen is staying cool in style. The elegant and vine-covered pergola provides the shade, while guests can still enjoy the blue skies. Setting the kitchen in-ground also keeps the temperature low so the party can get hot.

25: Stone-Faced

Beautiful outdoor kitchen

Can’t choose between styles of stone? Why not use them all? This kitchen artistically blends unique and classic styles of stone but keeps the grill as an eye-catching centerpiece.

26: The Right Cabinets

Cabinets Ideas Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is fitted with weather-resistant wood cabinets. To create that “at-home” feel, wood might be the best choice. This kitchen fits neatly into the deck, both in size and aesthetic, with a countertop perfect for two or a buffet-style party.

27: A little Rain is No Pain

backyard outdoor kitchens

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be exposed to the elements. This luxurious stone kitchen is comfortably sheltered beneath a cathedral-ceiling shelter, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine. With plenty of seating and space, anyone is welcome to join the party.

28: Gather ‘Round

Firepit ideas for outdoor kitchens

With a wraparound countertop and barstool seating, this outdoor kitchen is the perfect gathering place. The red, natural cut brick has a warm and welcoming feel, especially when paired with colorful planters, pitchers of cool drinks, and platters for guests to snack from.

29: An Island Oasis

Outdoor Kitchens by the pool

Want your outdoor kitchen to stand out? Place it by your backyard swimming pool. This kitchen is a warm and bright island, adding a contrasting pop to a bland landscape. Without a shelter or pergola to frame it, an outdoor kitchen becomes a yard’s beautiful centerpiece

30: Texture

Stone and wood outdoor kitchens

This outdoor kitchen is filled with character. The thin, rough cut stone isn’t muted by thick mortar or grout, letting its natural beauty and texture truly shine. The addition of a modern pergola and professional-grade appliances keeps this old-world look feeling fresh.

31: Formal Dining

outdoor kitchen luxury

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to feel exclusive to barbecues and cook-outs. This kitchen keeps it formal with elegant outdoor furniture at a table made for dinner parties. With a fireplace rising all the way to the patio ceiling, guests will feel right at home.

32: In the Round

Outdoor kitchen fire pit

This outdoor kitchen has packed it all into one beautiful and cozy space. Under a gorgeous gazebo, friends and family can lounge, enjoy fire and food, and keep each other company. An outdoor kitchen like this will look fabulous on any property.

33: From Garden to Grill

Outdoor kitchen in the garden

This outdoor kitchen keeps it simple and to the point–it’s all about enjoying the great outdoors. Tucked right in the midst of a growing garden, this chef can pluck fresh herbs and use them in home-grown cooking or as a fancy garnish.

34: Set in Stone

Wood Cabinets Outdoor Kitchens

Because this kitchen is surrounded by stone-colored walls, the designer went for some contrast. The weather-resistant wood cabinets pop against the gray walls, all set in a lower-level patio. This space keeps everyone cool while putting the focus on the gorgeous blue skies above.

35: Nature’s Taste & Feel

Stone Kitchen Ideas

This stone patio looks totally natural. Set in jeweled earthtones, the rough cut brick on the outdoor kitchen is the perfect accent to the patio floor. Anyone using this gorgeous kitchen will feel like they’re on an outdoor adventure in the wild rainforest.

Well, there you have it. We hope these images can get you inspired for your backyard outdoor kitchen project.

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