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Mistaway Automatic Mosquito System Installation

Don’t let pesky, disease carrying mosquito take the pleasure out of enjoying your yard!  Enjoy your patio or pool, fun with the kids and family, or parties with adults in complete comfort.  You shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of annoying insects and their bites!  Fortunately, we can help by installing an automatic misting system that effectively eliminates these problems.  We do new installs ONLY.

Installing a mosquito control system can ensure that you can enjoy your pool, yard, patio and fun outdoors without being bitten. You can avoid having to deal with annoying mosquitoes and biting insects for good with a quick installation, protecting you and your family’s health and getting rid of a common nuisance.

These systems are the most effective way to greatly reduce the mosquito populations around your home throughout the year so that anything you do outdoors is enjoyable, whether you’re having a barbecue or simply relaxing and watching a sunset.

Immediate relief from mosquitoes and biting insects

Our MistAway mosquito control systems offer you immediate relief from biting insects and mosquitoes as soon as they are installed. You won’t have to worry about waking up to bites or being exposed to potentially harmful mosquito transmitted illnesses once your system is installed.

MistAway is an effective and safe automated device that releases a mist with a compound that specifically kills mosquitoes. The mist contains pyrethrin, which is derived from chrysanthemum flowers and has a very low toxicity for pets and people. The system is used when there are no pets or people nearby and effectively removes the mosquitoes from the area.

Will run for years with little maintenance

Your system will be outside and exposed to the elements, but with our professional installation it will run for many years with minimal maintenance required. It’s very easy to use and we will provide you with full training on how to operate and maintain it.

Easy to use and customizable

Our MistAway mosquito control systems are guaranteed to be easy to use and intuitive. You can easily switch them on or off with a remote control or an app, and they can also be set to run automatically before you go outside.

The control systems we use are also smart and can detect when there are problems or leaks, ensuring that they are repaired in a timely manner.

Avoid getting bitten outdoors and keep your family protected with our modern and technologically advanced mosquito control systems.


I had contacted several companies before I went with Carnahan. This company gave me a reasonable quote and finished the job on time. I'm happy with their work.

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MistAway Systems is the leading manufacturer of mosquito misting systems for outdoor mosquito control.  Carnahans is an authorized dealer and has staff members with a degree from MistAway U.!