Basic Tips for Landscaping Around Trees

Many homeowners are looking for tips to make landscaping around trees better. Read the article below for easy recommendations to make your yard looks better.

Consider yourself lucky if you had a big, shady tree in your back or front yard because big trees usually make your house look better. In addition, it is fairly easy to blend the tree into the rest of your landscaping by planting different plans and flowers in its base.

However, there is still a potential issue with big trees around your house. That is when the tree starts to grow up and its roots start to expand and invade the area around the tree.

Another common problem is the tree also blocks the sunlight so there are fewer plants and flowers that can grow around your tree. But there is nothing to worry about. In most cases, you could keep your tree by following the ideas in this article.

Here are some ideas for landscaping around trees

Plant Carefully

Landscaping around tree shades

Most trees will block the sunlight, therefore you must choose plants that do not need a lot of sunlight. Additionally, these plants around your tree will also compete for water so make sure you choose the right plants so you can have a lush greenery all year long.

Pay extra attention when digging as you do not want to damage the tree roots underneath the soil. For best results, you might need to water the plants regularly especially when rain is inadequate.

Start Small

Vinca Vine Landscaping

In most cases, homeowners start their project by immediately by planting big plants around their trees. This is a wrong approach because you are not supposed to dig a big hole around your tree. You should start by planting small plants like liner plants, that are available at your local nurseries.

Buying plant liners to plant around your trees is really a good idea to save you money and it is something that you can do on your own. The key is to understand the types of plant liners that can be planted by squeezing them into the soil. This is the best way to prevent your tree roots from getting hurt or damaged while you are planting.

Make sure you select your plants carefully because some ground cover plants can easily take over your entire yard

Add Mulch Around Your Tree

Mulch Tree Landscaping

Applying mulch is a great way to improve the overall health of the soil around your tree as it prevents weeds from growing. A layer of mulch can help keep the soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Use Garden Accents

You can also add accents and decor to give your garden a style or identity. Well-placed accents and decor can be used to draw visitors to your garden, to call attention to specific aspects of the garden, or to liven up uninteresting areas. 

Attractive Shrubs

Colorful Shrubs Around Trees

To make your landscape colorful, you can add attractive shrubs that remain fresh all year long. Shrubs are also very reliable and easy to grow. They can live to enhance your yard for many years to come.

You can also use shrubs to create living boundaries or obscure unattractive views from your neighbor’s yard. Since the root systems of shrubs run deeper and spread farther than regular grass, they require less frequent watering. watering.

There are several types of shrubs that are great for your yard, such as frilly mayapple, Japanese forest grass, coral bells, hosta, European ginger, and more.

Flower Beds

Flower bed around trees

In addition to colorful shrubs, beautiful flower beds are surely going to make your yard look more attractive. However, flowers need to be planted directly in the sunlight. Also remember to water them regularly, especially at the beginning to overcome the shock of being transplanted.

Landscaping around trees can turn a bland yard into something really beautiful. It can also protect your tree from lawn mower damage. Click here to read about how to hire the best landscaper for your home.

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