25 Impressive Inground Hot Tub and Pool Ideas For Your Home

Are you looking for a perfect inground hot tub and pool design? Below are some of the best designs that ensure you have fun any time of the day.

1. Concrete Surrounding

Inground Hot Tub Ideas

Credit: Jason Jorgensen

The color of the concrete panels complements the color of the other objects in the area. The natural pebbles between the concrete panels add more beauty to the pool. The greeneries add natural color, and the chairs are a plus as they offer an extra option for relaxation.

2. Amazing Inground Hot Tub & Pool Patio

Patio Hot Tub Builder

Credit: Artesian Custom Pools

The color of the stone wall, flooring, and swimming pool tile looks amazing as they complement one another. The stone wall ensures privacy and the water bowls on top give the pool and hot tub a magical look. The trees around add to the natural beauty of the area. The pool patio at the other end allows entertainment or relaxation.

3. Majestic Kingdom

Ideas for Ingroud Hot Tubs

Credit: Hauk Custom Pools

The tile used for the spa and relaxation area is amazingly designed given the area a unique view. The lounge areas make you feel like a king or queen of your castle. The lawn between the panels and the two flaming lanterns placed on the raised slabs add an extra beauty to the pool surrounding. The inground hot tub sits higher than the pool. For the final grand touch, fountains shoot up at one side of the pool.

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4. Perfect Size Spool & Hot Tub

Spool and Inground Hot Tub combo

Credit: Shell Sea’s Pools and Spas

The hot tub is higher and separated from the inground small swimming pool (spool) next to it. The raised fence beside the pool and hot tub ensures privacy and the chairs give the opportunity for relaxation. The greeneries gives the surrounding a natural look.

5. Family Hot Tub

Big inground pool and spa

This pool and hot tub combo is perfect for a family. The big hot tub has plenty of space for everybody and spills out fountain to the swimming pool below. The plantings and concrete around the pool prevent accidental slips and improve the backyard scenery.

6. Mediterranean Pool & Hot Tub

Mediterranean Hot Tub

Credit: Zillow

What’s better than a Mediterranean pool with a hot tub? The plantings surrounding it make it look like you are relaxing in a paradise. The infinity body of water at the other side gives you a great view while sitting on the lounge chairs. The lights add an extra beauty at night.

7. Backyard Hangout

Small Pool and Hot Tub combo

Credit: Presidential Pools

The spa is separated and raised higher than the pool, and the shining flooring makes the area look glorious. There are two fountain shoot-up at one side of the pool hitting the center of the pool. The deck area is perfect for an outdoor kitchen. The ground with pebbles and tree gives an additional beauty.

8. Triple Threat Hot Tub and Pool

Double hot tub and swimming pool combo

Credit: Klein Pool

This small pool is amazing with the double hot tub it comes with. They are arranged in layers with one higher than the other. The spool has curved edges giving it a unique design. The flooring is so perfect that its complement the other objects in the area. The fire pit is just a stone throw from the pool. The chairs and table ensure relaxation. The greenery and lawn add an extra beauty.

9. The Ultimate Relaxation

Stunning Hot Tub and Pool

Credit: Ultra Outdoors

A perfect pool and hot tub for relaxation. It has three shoot fountains that add life to it. The fire pit and lights in the pool assure you of a warm and radiant night. The chairs allow you to relax and welcome family and friends. The vegetation around the other side of the pool serves as a windbreak.

10. Perfect Lighting

Small hot tub and pool

Credit: Cool Pools Contracting

An inground hot tub and pool with an organized environment. Plantings with purple color at one side and green color at the other side gives a perfect place for unique experience for the king and queen. The lights are fixed to the ground around the pool and the sparkling light in the pool ensures you have great fun at night.

11. Paradise by the Lake

Hot Tub by the Lake

Credit: Clear Water

The pool, spa, and their comfortable sitting area seem to melt with the lake. The lawn and plantings are separating the lake from the pool add an extra beauty to the area. The stairs leading to the pool area is made of red bricks complementing the pillows on the chairs.

12. Nature Green Setting

Natural Pool & Hot Tub

Credit: Anthony Sylvan

An L-shaped pool with the hot tub perfectly situated at one corner. With the flower pots, lawn, and trees surrounding it, this pool speaks nature.

13. Welcome to the Future

Futuristic Inground Hot Tub

Credit: Western Outdoor

The chairs, flower pots and other plants around make the pool area a perfect place to be at any time of the day. The mosaic tiles and light in the pool give it an amazing futuristic look. The color of the buildings in the area complements the flooring.

14. Open Air Feeling

Open Air Pool & Hot Tub

Credit: Swim Platinum

This is a wide patio having a desert view. The spa is higher than the pool. There are chairs in the area for relaxation. At a few distances is a fire pit to keep you warm on a chilly night. The flooring complements the pillars of the shed and also the tiles of the pool.

15. Heaven in Your Backyard

Inground Pool Hot Tub Combo

Credit: Creative Master Pools

The area has glowing flooring that complements other things. The flower pots are strategically located to give a magical display. The greeneries around serves as a windbreak and also display an astonishing nature adding to the beauty of the pool surroundings. It makes you feel like you are in heaven.

16. Tropical Cabana

Hot tub with cabana

Credit: Splash Pools

Nothing can be compared to the beauty the color of the whole area display. A perfectly constructed cabana with lounge chairs offers a great place for relaxation. The plantings in the area give a lovely view. The pool also offers floating stepping stones.

17. In the Spotlight

Hot Tub Lighting

The greeneries in the surrounding area offer a natural pop of color. The building beside the pool can be used for relaxation and entertainment after having a great time inside the pool. The lighting inside the tub and pool really adds elegance to the whole scene.

18. Hot Tub with Waterfall Pool

Waterfall Pool with ingroud hot tub

Credit: Greecian Pools

There is nothing as amazing as experiencing waterfalls right behind your backyard. The two chairs, wall, and single stood gives you more privacy than any other place. The plantings aligned beside the fence also show the beauty of nature. The hot tub is located at a corner.

19. Intimate Open Space

Intimate inground hot tub

Credit: Atlanta Audio

The small hot tub really makes sure you have an intimate time every time you dip in. The wooding flooring makes a perfect complement with the surrounding. There are lounge chairs on one side, and there are chairs and table not far from the hot tub. The lights in the pool and the building in the area ensure that you have a great time swimming at night.

20. Crisscross Landscaping

Hot Tub Landscaping

The crisscross pattern displayed by the lawn give this pool, and its environment an awesome appearance. The hot tub is built to be higher than the pool. The two fire pits, pool landscaping, and raised stony wall blend in more naturally with the environment.

21. Love Paradise For Two

Paradise Inground Hot Tub

Wow! This is a paradise on earth. The flower pots are strategically placed. The wall ensures you have a private time to yourself. The lights on the wall shine on the wooden flooring giving the area an astonishing look. With the two chairs available for relaxation, this pool is perfect for two people.

22. Warm Nights Ahead

Warm ingroudn hot tub

This pool and spa have two fire pits to keep you warm when the weather is chilly. The fountain and waterfall give a glorious display. The lights arranged along the pool walls also give a beautiful display. The greeneries in the surrounding environment show nature’s beauty.

23. Big Family Fun

Family Hot Tub and Pool

Credit: Tampa Bay Pools

With a lot of chairs and tables in around the swimming pool, it is a perfect place for friends and family to have fun. It displays a fire pot just at the boundary of the hot tub and pool. The smooth flooring reflects the vibrant colors of the existing plantings beside the pool.

24. Extra Fit Family

Inground Pool with Basketball

This pool has a small circular spa beside it. With the basketball hoop, this can be turned into an exercise facility for the family to have more fun. The chairs ensure comfortability while sitting. The table shows you can eat and drink after swimming. The greeneries both outside and inside add more beauty to the surrounding environment.

25. Private Party Pool

Garden Hot tub and pool

The fence that surrounds this serene swimming pool and spa ensure privacy. The linear arrangement of the plantings and that of the umbrellas add ambiance to the simple look of the environment. The sparkling flooring also gives the modern outdoor space an astonishing look.

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