The Benefits Of In Ground Hot Tubs

Water and steam baths were recognized thousands of years ago for health purposes, and they are continually used throughout various cultures. This led to the birth of present day spas and hot tubs by using water, pressure, and heat to provide the benefits of natural hot springs within the comfort of home.

People currently invest in hot tubs for many reasons including enhancing a social gathering area and escaping the biting cold of winter. Hot tubs have several perks. Installing or adding one to your home is a pleasant idea, but you’ll have to choose the size and the type of hot tub as well as the add-ons and other features.

Deciding between an in-ground hot tub or above ground hot tub can be a challenge since each type has its own downsides and advantages. In this post, I am going to explain the characteristics of small in-ground hot tubs to assist in the selection process.

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The benefits of a having an in-ground hot tub

It changes the look and feel of your home

In-ground hot tubs are considered by many to be the most attractive outdoor tubs for a residential space. This is because in-ground tubs blend nicely into the landscape to create a sophisticated look without adding visual clutter.

They look similar to an in-ground swimming pool and are not as unattractive as some above ground hot tubs.

Of course, in-ground hot tubs cost more than above ground, but with a small in-ground tub, you can enjoy the sophisticated look along with the benefits of hydrotherapy. You can even add it to your inground swimming pool to reduce installation cost.

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Fully customizable

Small in-ground hot tubs are fully customizable. This means that your hot tub can be designed exactly the way you want it. You can choose the size as well as the number of LED lights, jets, and other features. And since they are customizable, you can install small hot tubs on a balcony.

You may consider a two to four person tub based on your preference and available space. Additionally, there is a wide range of construction materials (such as vinyl, acrylic, tile, concrete or stainless steel) to select from in order to meet your needs.

It adds value to your home

Small in-ground hot tubs are one of the most incredible selling features that you can add to your home. Apart from changing the look and feel of your home, an in-ground tub may increase the monetary value of the property. This would translate to a greater ROI (return on investment) should you decide to sell your home.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, in-ground hot tubs have additional purposes, especially for health. Some of these medicinal uses include:

Stress reduction

Stress is hard to avoid in this modern world. It is a silent killer which can be very injurious to your health if it is not properly managed. Common results of stress include poor digestion, headaches, muscle tension, and low energy which may continue for a long period before leading to serious health issues.

Soaking yourself in a hot tub stimulates the natural release of endorphins. The heat produced by the hot tub is a guaranteed stress buster which will increase your blood circulation, relieve tension, elevate your mood, and help you relax.

Improves sleep

If you have insomnia or a sleeping disorder, soaking yourself in the hot tub of about 102 ᵒF, 2 to 3 hours before going to bed will help you relax and achieve restful sleep. When internal body temperature rises and then cools down, a person naturally feels tired and sleepy. If you are having difficulty getting good sleep, try and soak yourself in a hot tub and go to bed soon after.

Body detoxification

Using a hot tub can lead to some positive effects of exercising without putting strain on the heart. When you spend a few minutes in the hot tub, you will start sweating, which expels toxins from your system adding beauty to your skin.

You can even add some Epsom salt to the water to draw toxic substances out of your body and help you relax.

Alleviate pain

Heat therapy produced by the water in the hot tub is known to alleviate pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. The heat can also reduce inflammation, back pain, joint pain, and tension within the body. It also helps to promote healing by increasing immunity and speeding up the rate of injury recovery.

Therefore, fitness enthusiasts, gym rats, and sports trainers, especially benefit from owning a hot tub.

Improve blood circulation

Soaking in a hot tub is a good way to improve the flow of blood in your system. The better circulation will boost your immunity, improve digestion, speed up injury recovery, and promote cell growth.

Combat respiratory issues

If you are suffering from a cold or other respiratory irritation, soaking in a hot tub may help alleviate the discomfort. The heat and steam can loosen anything in your lungs that may be affecting your ability to breathe well, soothe the pain that goes along with the breathing difficulty, and open your sinus passageways so you can have fuller and deeper breaths.


A small in-ground hot tub is a great addition to any residence. It increases value and provides health benefits. If you’re planning to add one to your home, need help or have some questions you would love to ask, do not hesitate to contact us.

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